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skilpad het nie vere nie, en appels is nie pere nie – lit. "tortoises do not have feathers, and apples are not pears". This is a children's rhyme that discusses a mistruth. It is the Afrikaans equal of "liar liar pants on fireplace."

bucks – through the English term meaning (antelope) it refers to money (currency), While borrowed from the American expression of exactly the same that means, coincidentally There's two varieties of bucks highlighted over the cash of your South African Rand (Springbok around the R1 and Kudu about the R2). "The amount is the hamburger? 5 Bucks", "The amount did your divorce cost you?

antie – an older woman authority determine. Derived in the English "aunt", with the first that means nevertheless intact.

Linda is quite well-known in American and European nations around the world being a child Woman title. But in Zulu, this moniker is useful for boys and indicates ‘wait around’. Even this name can be the singular imperative kind of linda.

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Funani is amongst the underused Zulu names, which means ‘research’ or ‘want.’ This title is definitely the plural critical method of funa.

Bhekimuzi is a traditional name indicating ‘appear once the domestic’. This religiously and culturally distinct name is confined totally in the Zulu populace.

moer-meter – comically describes an individual's temperament for their tolerance of bullshit. Derived through the pink thermometer and made use of to be a metaphor as illustrated by Donald Duck when he will get mad. Used together with "bloedaglike vererg".

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patla, flouie – ordinarily refers to inadequate (unfunny) jokes. Patla can also confer with any type of damp squib. Patla Patla usually refers obliquely to owning intercourse; imitating the seem of two bodies Conference.

hoesit, hoezit, howzit – derived from "How is it likely? – contracted to how's it? In South African English context, howzit is much more a greeting of "hello" in lieu of "how have you been?", similar to South African black slang's "eta" or "ola"

Zulu toddlers are named even right before They're born, and their names depend on the interactions from the household or conditions.

power -when someone does anything unnecessarily, too over and over for the presented situation or provides something into a conversation that's not essential (It is just a noun and verb)

Early American utilization of "redneck" referred to your farmers who were generally sunburned on account of industry work. The phrase later on arrived for use by liberals being an epithet for conservatives from the bad rural southern states, and today is expanded in use to label any conservatives from any condition whose political beliefs vary from that of liberals.

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